Underscars, literally means "under scars". These psychological and physical scars are universal, just like other human attributes: joy, laughter, language or relationships with others. 

This is the starting point of our project and an observation about our modern societies: we prefer to hide them. Rightly or wrongly, we prefer to hide them for fear of judgement, of other people's eyes, of revealing our weaknesses. But they are not, and if we overcome them they can become our virtue and our strength.

We think that we must assume them as the traces of the trials of our lives , that to hide them is often to flee from them and always to abandon the means to overcome them, to make them a personal strength. And even more, to claim them is to open the way to others: the way of redemption. 

Our scars are the relief of our lives, they let us wear these wounds like our banners, they are first of all the marks of our unalterable will. They are first and foremost the marks of our unalterable will to overcome trials and to emerge stronger, richer and greater. For we are convinced that the scars embedded deep within us can pave the way to the heights, to the best... for ourselves and for others.

It is this unchanging faith that we want to constitute in our project. Together, let's have the strength to go from the shadow to the light by (adopting a committed???), assumed and non-standardized clothing choice. A common power, a community linked by its scars, where each person with his or her own history and background feels like an ambassador of this word in a common desire to share, and a promise of generosity.
Underscars clothing will be our armor and together we will be ready for any fight, any feat.

Underscars is also a human adventure, born of encounters and a shared taste for sports, street-culture, fashion and the arts. As an environmentally conscious brand, we work exclusively with suppliers who produce high quality clothing in the most responsible and ethical way possible.

Our cottons are all 100% organic, they are PETA-vegan approved, Global Organic Textils Standard, Fair Wear, Oeko-Tex 100. 

The printing, embroidery and processing are all done in France, in the South-West.